The Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc. has emerged as a national leader in health
promotion and disease prevention in vulnerable populations across the US and abroad.  

In addition, ISL provides keynote addresses, trainings and additional services on
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Public Health
Public Health Programming, Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

Public health programming at ISL has as its goal to promote balance in mental, physical and spiritual well-being and not merely the
absence of disease in vulnerable populations.  ISL Staff Consultants engineer effective health promotion activities  grounded in
evidence-based theory, sound program design and effective evaluation strategies.  ISL can provide qualitative and quantitative data
collection and analyses as well as community-based participatory research, literature reviews and subject matter expertise.

Workplace Health Promotion Programming & Evaluation

Providing employees with effective health promotion programming has shown great promise for employers by developing cultures of
wellness and reducing costly absenteeism and presenteeism.  ISL staffs are equipped to develop efficient prevention interventions
and policies that increase awareness, encourage early screening/detection, enhance safety and reduce health risks for employees.  
By focusing on reducing chronic conditions which are increasingly more costly to manage, and persistently being detected among
younger populations, workplace health promotion programming has received national prominence.  Also, ISL utilizes empirical data
to set health priorities and plan group-level interventions to tailor programming and evaluation for your organization. Contact ISL now
for additional information on how to improve efficiency, reduce turnover, and improve retention of talented employees.

International Journal of Ethnic College Health

Contemporary epidemiology and social science literature characterize emerging adult populations as markedly distinct phase of the
life course.  Ethnic, college-attending emerging adults define a unique subculture in which to research such issues as gender- and
racial-identity formation and cultural influences on health behaviors.  Click
here for more information.

Program Evaluation

Of utmost importance in program implementation is expert program evaluation.  A collaborative effort by ISL, both process and
outcome evaluations blend Consultants with program administrators to develop evaluation strategies, tools, infrastructures and
analyses.  These combined efforts have proven effective and efficient in measuring program outcomes and ensuring program
sustainability.  Contact ISL for additional information, tailored approaches to evaluation and recommendations for successful
implementation and impact.
Business Ethics

In developing and maintaining viable businesses, ethical policies have grabbed center-stage on both domestic and global fronts.  ISL
utilizes its vast experience in developing and nurturing business in public, private, governmental and academic sectors to provide
clear training and insight on value-adding principles on how to run business ethically and efficiently.

Journalism Ethics

Journalism holds requirements to provide justice, truth, accuracy, and bias-free examination and dissemination of information to
diverse populations unmatched in other professional arenas.  As such, ISL is equipped to provide credentialed responses to varied
audiences about the necessity for truth in reporting, data analyses, and utilizing media outlets for appropriate opportunities to inform
the general public or special interests.  As social media in its various forms continue to dominate contemporary cultures, journalism
takes an even greater prominence in balancing rigorous ethical principles with freedoms of speech.

Public Health Ethics

The study and examination of disease conditions in human populations bring specific social, cultural, environmental and contextual
issues influencing disease risk for which statistics and theories are inadequate.  To that end, ISL is committed to providing expert
advocacy, training and capacity building to improve treatment of public health research subjects, health intervention development
and implementation and outcome analyses.   
Professional Development
Professional On-Boarding, Mentorship, Management & Development

Contrary to old adages, an organization's prime consumer is its employees, not its customers.  Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group
said it best, "“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the
clients”.  ISL infuses the best of its demonstrated expertise to develop professional development programming with strong
infrastructures, assessments and skills-building activities to enhance your organization's in-house expertise, structuring and
responsiveness to changing market indicators.  By tailoring activities and resources for both veteran and emerging staff to enhance
leadership, professional exchange, life-work balance, stress and time-management, decision-making and role competencies, ISL is
equipped to establish new, and manage existing, professional development programs.  In addition, ISL can utilize these skills to
introduce innovative approaches to work performance and service delivery.  This comprehensive approach has shown tangible
benefits in organizational stability, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, and propelled  professionals forward as they transition
to new roles.

The Institute for Successful Leadership recognizes that every business, regardless of the industry, plays both the salesperson
and marketer of its services and products.  Under ISL's direction, both for-profit and non-profit organizations have benefited from
numerous creative ideas for fundraising, market placement and diversifying market shares.
Professional Writing Services & Content Editing

Utilizing expertise developed from 25 years of experience in the field of journalism, ISL offers copy and content editing for authors as
well as corporate business publications.  Since 2003, ISL consultants have edited books and publications in the fields of self-help
and consulted on numerous book chapters and health articles. From biographies written for college press guides and corporate
professionals to standard operating procedures and technical employee handbooks, ISL has the knack to immerse itself into the
operations and needs of its clients to glean the information necessary to write effective, relevant resources for diverse professionals
and employees.  

Freelance Journalism Services  

Utilizing the highest journalism ethics and enlisting AP style, ISL consultants are capable of reporting vital stories and writing
thought-provoking impactful stories to media outlets for publication.  Whether your organization has a compelling story that needs to
be written, or assistance with media relations, ISL consultants can more than satisfy your service needs.
To request additional information, writing samples, or availability for keynote
presentations, please email or contact the ISL office directly at
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