Dorothy Triplett, M.Ed
Senior Consultant
Under her guidance and commitment to providing effective wellness programming for vulnerable populations in the US and
abroad, ISL has emerged as a frontrunner in health promotion and disease prevention program design, implementation and

Since 1996, Mrs. Triplett and ISL have pioneered new approaches to implementing effective wellness programming at
Historically Black Colleges and Universities, faith- and community-based organizations, incarcerated and newly-released
populations, corporate, government, public and private entities.  Her expertise in developing productive collaborative
partnerships has been recognized with numerous awards and citations.  Her highly-spirited keynote addresses about the
pivotal roles of health and spirituality in developing qualities of life have received national and international acclaim.

Her insight and vision has established ISL with a tradition of excellence, integrity and immovable commitment to empowering
communities worldwide to improve health status and well-being across the lifespan.  In addition, her leadership in policy
development has provided governance and standards of service for various organizations and academic institutions.
Tremene Triplett, MA
Director of
Communication remains a hallmark of business, societal
advancement and positive health outcomes.  As a published
journalist and editor, Tremene Triplett's expertise in print
journalism presents an invaluable resource to clients desirous
of leveraging the power of media to further health goals and
health literacy.  Through her technical assistance, clients avail
skill sets that enhance media savvy and how to manage media
attention.  In addition, she provides insights on media content,
press releases and managing external images for businesses
and individuals.  

Ms. Triplett has also worked to infuse communication ethics
with health messaging to ensure accuracy while providing
adequate risk communication to vulnerable populations
worldwide.  In addition, her input in ISL's professional
development efforts have provided immeasurable skills for
professionals seeking enhanced communication skills.

Advanced skills in business management and communication
from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of
Miami (Florida) respectively ensure her consistency with
cutting-edge theories and imparting relevant business and
programming expertise to clients.

Numerous articles at her hand have graced local and national
print media.  Her expertise is also sought to develop cohesive
policies, procedures and training materials for organizations.
She also serves as Managing Editor for ISL's
Journal of Ethnic College Health.
Dr. Tralonda Triplett provides expertise to the ISL team by
developing health interventions that are at once theoretically
sound, culturally-competent, age-appropriate and toward
comprehensive wellness--not merely the absence of
disease.  An engineer, ethicist and social epidemiologist,
Dr. Triplett provides unique approaches to prevention
programming across the lifespan including: HIV/AIDS/STIs,
violence, gang participation, substance abuse recovery
communities, and a myriad of chronic and infectious
disease conditions.  She also heads ISL's public health
ethics and cultural competency efforts and serves as
Editor-in-Chief for the
International Journal of Ethnic College
.  She served as a national Trainer and TA Provider
for the Work@Health worksite health promotion training
program for employers, and authored a manual on worksite
health accreditation and recognition.

Dr. Triplett provides technical assistance and p
workshops to improve/enhance program
effectiveness, outreach
, and service delivery.  Further she
provides health promotion panel discussions and keynote
addresses for community events and conferences locally,
nationally and internationally.

Her dissertation, entitled
Praying Hands: Influences of
Religiosity and Spirituality on Sexual Risk-Taking among
Black, College-Attending Emerging Adults
existing HIV risk profiles of this unique sub-population and
focused on associations of spirituality and religiosity with
sexual risk behaviors and socio-sexual networks.
Tralonda Triplett, PhD, MPH
Director of
For more information on the ISL Consultant Team, or to schedule
keynote presentations, please contact the ISL Office at 321-318-9985
or for availability.
Meet the ISL Consultant Team
Dorothy Triplett, a licensed educator and former Associate Director for Minority and Other Special
Populations in the Office of the Director for HIV/AIDS Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention serves ISL, Inc. as Senior Consultant.
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