Since 1996, the Institute for Successful Leadership
has purposed to apply ecological approaches to
inform health priorities, develop programming and
policy, and to improve health status of vulnerable
populations across the lifespan and across the globe.

ISL accomplishes its mission by providing expert:

Public Health Consulting,
Health Promotion Design, Implementation &
Health Equity & Inclusion,
Business, Public Health & Journalism Ethics,
Professional Development,
Customized Training,
Communication & Content Editing,
Instruction & Curriculum Design, and
Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

to diverse academic, community- and faith-based,
local, state, national and international Client-Partners.  
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New @ ISL

ISL's ORCHID Program Continues to Blossom - Enter 2021 with a Healthy Heart!!
    Join the Institute for Successful Leadership and friends you know (and those you have yet to meet) from Holden
    Heights and all around as we enter 2021 committed to improving our health.  As you know, good health has
    always been a key to a good life, so let's get together to learn how to make 2021 a "step" in the right direction.  
    Join experts to teach you new ways to live your life better FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!  

    The fun begins Wednesday, January 6, so REGISTER now!!! All seminars and lessons are FREE and all virtual!!! All
    we need is you. So tell your friends and bring your curiosity....we will LEARN better, so we can DO better. HAPPY

    Join us Wednesdays from 6 - 7 PM for educational seminars on food, folks, and fun ways for you and yours to
    live 2021 healthier.  Then on Fridays, log in again from 6 - 8 PM take Chicago Stepp'n lessons to get your heart in
    step!!! Click HERE to see just a hint of what this beautiful art looks like.  So, don't wait another minute, bring your
    friends and make new ones...REGISTER NOW!!!

Holden Heights, Orlando Residents, ISL Wants to Hear from You!!!
    Understanding health is hard and the Institute for Successful Leadership welcomes your insights and ideas on
    how to help keep our hearts healthy.  Who can help improve our understanding better than you??  Click HERE
    for the ORange County Health Improvement Design (ORCHID) Program Heart Health Survey and let us know your
    thoughts!!! Heart health helps you, your family and your community!!

    Plus, random survey participants will be selected for gifts and give-aways, SO CLICK HERE NOW!!! It will only take
    about 10 minutes, and WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

ISL's Silver Legacy Begins with Lawrance Triplett, BA, AA,
    Manager of Marketing & Special Projects
    As ISL enters its silver anniversary, 25 years of service in the public health sector,
    we are excited to add a new dimension to our health promotion, disease prevention
    mission.  Lawrance Triplett, BA, AA is a brilliant addition to our consulting team,
    and will serve as ISL’s Manager of Marketing & Special Projects.  
    For more on Mr. Triplett's expertise, and his new line of 'affirmation attire', click HERE.

ISL Speakers Guide
    If you are planning an upcoming conference, let the leaders of the Institute for Successful Leadership provide a
    fresh approach to improving your audiences' experiences.  Let ISL partner with you to tailor training and
    professional development to meet the needs of your professional and community audiences. At ISL, we believe
    that performance reflects leadership.  

    The ISL Media Package & Speakers Guide is your first step to creating new opportunities to enlighten and
    inspire all with whom you are in contact.  Contact, and make your next event remarkable.

ISL Consulting Team
(from Left to Right)
Tralonda Triplett, PhD, MPH, Director of Operations
Dorothy Triplett, MEd, Senior Consultant
Tremene Triplett, MA, Director of Communication
The Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc. (ISL) is a for-profit small business
wholly-owned and operated by African American women committed to empowering
vulnerable communities worldwide towards comprehensive health promotion,
cultural equity, and disease prevention.
Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc.
...Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things
Celebrating Service To Diverse Populations & Organizations Worldwide Since 1996
Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc.
7807 Chatterley Court
Orlando, Florida  32835 USA
Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc.
7807 Chatterley Court
Orlando, Florida  32835 USA
The Institute for Successful Leadership joins leaders worldwide in our support and appreciation for those
who place wellness of communities before individual goals and objectives.  ISL recommends continued
vigilance and compliance with global, national, state, and local directives to prevent the spread of
COVID-19.  Observe directives on social distancing and hand-washing, and recognition of additional
individual- and group-level risks in these critical times.  Visit the
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention Coronavirus website and your state and local health department websites for latest
information on COVID-19 testing and prevention.  Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home until further notice.