Since 1996, the Institute for Successful Leadership
has purposed to apply ecological approaches to
inform health priorities, develop programming and
policy, and to improve health status of vulnerable
populations across the lifespan and across the globe.

ISL accomplishes its mission by providing expert:

Public Health Consulting,
Health Promotion Design, Implementation &
Business, Public Health & Journalism Ethics,
Professional Development,
Customized Training,
Communication & Content Editing,
Instruction & Curriculum Design, and
Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

to diverse academic, community- and faith-based,
local, state, national and international Client-
Partners.  To read more about our services, click
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ISL Collaborates with Signs that Save LLC
    ISL is committed to using its platform to keep communities-at-large aware of information to prevent disease and promote
    wellness.  This commitment has been further highlighted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has led to a new ISL's
    partnership with Signs that Save to promote effective hand-washing as a method to prevent the spread of the novel
    coronavirus.  Connect with Signs that Save to see ISL's inclusion in the September-October newsletter, and contact them for
    visual signs to remind us all of regular hand-washing to keep ourselves, our families, and our communties free from
    COVID-19 infection.

ISL Welcomes the ORCHID Program with the Florida Department of Health, Office
of Minority Health & Health Equity
    The Institute for Successful Leadership prides itself on responding to changing paradigms in community health promotion
    and disease prevention.  The ORange County Health Improvement Design (ORCHID) program blends evidence-based
    interventions and innovative interventions as blueprints to identifying and addressing social determinants of health and
    cardiovascular disease prevention in Orlando's Holden Heights neighborhood.  Implementing these data- and community-
    driven approaches, and engaging diverse community sectors across Orange County to address structural and behavioral
    factors contributing to disparities in cardiovascular disease incidence and prevalence holds great potential for Holden
    Heights and various communities across Florida, the US, and worldwide.  Stay tuned for more progress in coming months!!

Radiance Roundtable 2020- ISL Examines Cultural Impacts of Health Among Black
Women Worldwide
    Black women worldwide experience disproportionate burdens and ill health across the lifespan and around the globe.  
    Efficiency and effectiveness of health promotion and disease prevention interventions are greatly hampered because of
    lack of knowledge of heterogeneity within Black cultures that impacts beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes about health. ISL, in
    partnership with the Orange County Community Action Partnership and the Central Florida Foundation has created the
    Radiance Roundtable to examine and celebrate diversities within Black women and cultures to inform innovative
    approaches to improve health outcomes.  To change the narrative, participate in the conversation. Black women interested
    in participating, please click Radiance Roundtable from wherever you are, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.  

    UPDATE:  ISL accepts the formidable responsibilities of promoting good health in communities.  
    To that end, ISL has postponed the Radiance Roundtable 2020 discussion in response to global,
    federal and statewide directives to minimize the spread of COVID-19 virus.  

    In the meantime, please complete your Radiance Roundtable survey, and stay tuned for the new date to
    discuss these poignant issues.


ISL Partners with National CARES Mentoring Movement for HBCU Rising Initiative
    National disparities in racial, ethnic, and gender in STEM disciplines and professional workforces have been well-
    documented. Studies have shown that introductions to diverse topics as early as elementary and middle school have great
    influence on college attendance and selection of profession.  ISL has partnered with the National CARES Mentoring
    Movement to further efforts to improve STEM identity, competencies, and exposures to Black and Latinx STEM professionals
    among elementary and middle school students in Atlanta's Promise Neighborhood. Coupled with group mentoring from
    STEM and STEM-education majors from the Atlanta University Center, HBCU Rising holds great potential.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - International Journal of Ethnic College Health         
Special Edition - Resilience in Motion: COVID-19 Pandemic, Health Equity & Social
Justice in Minority-Serving Institutions
    In the wake of global pandemics and outcries for social justice and health equity, Minority-Serving Institutions are charged
    to once again foster resilience in student populations and communities-at-large.  The International Journal of Ethnic
    College Health is committed to chronicling responses to these concurrent issues, and welcome your participation. Submit
    abstracts now on your institution's efforts to provide COVID-19 prevention for students, staff, faculty, and communities, and
    other efforts to enhance your role(s) in promotion social justice in the 21st century.  Access the IJECH Special Edition
    Submission Guidelines and let your voice contribute to historic narratives in this pivotal time.

ISL Speakers Guide
    If you are planning an upcoming conference, let the leaders of the Institute for Successful Leadership provide a fresh
    approach to improving your audiences' experiences.  Let ISL partner with you to tailor training and professional
    development to meet the needs of your professional and community audiences. At ISL, we believe that performance
    reflects leadership.  The ISL Media Package & Speakers Guide is your first step to creating new opportunities to enlighten
    and inspire all with whom you are in contact.  Contact, and make your next event remarkable.

ISL Consulting Team
(from Left to Right)
Tralonda Triplett, PhD, MPH, Director of Operations
Dorothy Triplett, MEd, Senior Consultant
Tremene Triplett, MA, Director of Communication
The Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc. (ISL) is a for-profit small business
wholly-owned and operated by African American women committed to empowering
vulnerable communities worldwide towards comprehensive health promotion,
cultural equity, and disease prevention.
Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc.
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Celebrating Service To Diverse Populations & Organizations Worldwide Since 1996
Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc.
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Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc.
7807 Chatterley Court
Orlando, Florida  32835 USA
The Institute for Successful Leadership joins leaders worldwide in our support and appreciation for those
who place wellness of communities before individual goals and objectives.  ISL recommends continued
vigilance and compliance with global, national, state, and local directives to prevent the spread of
COVID-19.  Observe directives on social distancing and hand-washing, and recognition of additional
individual- and group-level risks in these critical times.  Visit the
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention Coronavirus website and your state and local health department websites for latest
information on COVID-19 testing and prevention.  Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home until further notice.