Since 1996, the Institute for Successful Leadership has purposed
to apply ecological approaches to inform health priorities, develop
programming and policy, and to improve health status of
vulnerable populations across the lifespan and across the globe.

ISL accomplishes its mission by providing expert

Public Health Consulting,
Workplace Health Promotion,
Wellness Intervention Design, Implementation & Evaluation,
Business, Public Health & Journalism Ethics,
Professional Development,
Communication & Content Editing,
Technical Assistance & Capacity Building Services

to diverse academic, community- and faith-based, local, state, national and international Client-Partners.

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New @ ISL
ISL Designs Curriculum & Infrastructures for Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas
    As post-secondary education continues to evolve, career training has shown great impact to improve qualities of life for diverse populations.  
    National studies show cosmetology is a thriving profession garnering billions in revenues annually.  To that end, ISL and CILV have combined
    tomeet the needs of creative student populations throughout Nevada and nationwide.  By ensuring academic and technical excellence and
    professional enrichment, ISL is making sure CILV's instructional programs and certifications in cosmetology and allied disciplines encompass
    competencies for graduates to create qualities of life for themselves and their communities.  

ISL's Global Reach Expands to East Africa
    ISL continues administration and provision of professional development in its Professional Resources Initiative to Support Corporate
    Momentum (PRISCM) and PRISCM Plus programs for Population Services International, Inc.  Through PRISCM & PRISCM Plus, ISL has
    implemented multi-level approaches to manage and provide executive coaching, mentoring and professional development for PSI's global
    health professionals.  In 2017, PRISCM & PRISCM Plus expanded to Latin American, Caribbean and East African regions.  Outcomes improve
    organizational capacity and technical expertise to enhance health promotion and social justice efforts for vulnerable populations worldwide.

ISL's Dr. Tralonda Triplett joins Simmons College Graduate Faculty
    ISL's Director of Operations welcomes her new appointment as Instructional Designer and Adjunct Professor at Simmons College in Boston,
    Massachusetts.  Dr. Triplett will develop and implement the College's graduate course in Public Health Leadership & Management.

ISL Champions Obesity Prevention in the Deep South
    As research continues to associate obesity with numerous chronic conditions and disabilities, ISL has partnered with Endurance Brookhaven
    to address these issues in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  Blending ecological programming and cultural indications, ISL intends to set a new
    standard for health promotion for years to come.

ISL Consulting Team
(from Left to Right)
Dorothy Triplett, M.Ed, Senior Consultant
Tremene Triplett, MA, Director of Communication
Tralonda Triplett, PhD, MPH, Director of Operations
The Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc. (ISL) is a for-profit small business
wholly-owned and operated by African American women committed to empowering
vulnerable communities worldwide towards comprehensive health promotion,
cultural equity, and disease prevention.
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